Split pins – what are they good for?

Split pins are a gorgeous solution to fastening two or more layers of paper or card together.

Simply put your pieces of paper or card together. Pre-punch or cut a small hole, then pop the split pin through and fold the ends back, as shown here.

Not only are split pins functional, but they’re a great design feature too.

They come in a huge range of shapes, colours, sizes and styles to suit whatever project you’re working on.

Here we’ve shown how they can add a beautiful finishing touch to christening or baptism invitations.

However they’re also perfect for wedding, engagement, bridal shower or baby shower invitations; and they have so many uses in scrapbooking.

Here are some examples of how they can be used on wedding invitations.

To see more split pin styles, visit  our website. If there’s anything you can’t find there, please let us know and we’ll order it in for you.


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