White, white or white?

Choosing a white paper or card can be difficult, especially when you’re buying online as there are so many different shades.

Here we give you a bit of guidance on the different shades of white – from the most ‘white’ white, through to those with a more yellow tone, those more blue/grey and those with a shimmery/metallic look to them.

So in order, from most white to least white, here’s a run-down of our favourite white stocks.


  1. Marshmallow Crisp White

Probably our whitest of white papers, Marshmallow Crisp White is, as the name suggests, a ‘crisp’, pure white option. This paper has an ultra-smooth finish and is a very versatile option when it comes to printing.

  1. Coco Linen Blanc

Coco Linen Blanc could also be described as being crisp white in colour, with a matte look and the texture of fine linen. This is a beautiful, soft looking paper.

  1. Via Felt Bright White

Via Felt Bright White is another very crisp, pure white looking paper. Very similar to Coco Linen Blanc, but with a hammered felt texture, giving it a soft, luxurious feel. This paper is acid-free and of an archival quality, so perfect for all uses.


  1. Glamour Puss Diamond White

Glamour Puss Diamond White is definitely quite a crisp white colour, but with the slightest hint of grey/silver tones mainly due to its metallic finish.

  1. Curious Ice Silver

Curious Ice Silver has a bright white base but with a distinct silver metallic shimmer to it, which changes depending on the light it is viewed in. The whole Curious Metallics range have a vibrant metal-effect shine to them.

  1. Curious Ice Gold

Curious Ice Gold is very similar to Curious Ice Silver but with a gold, rather than silver, shimmer. The two stocks might be mistaken for one another at first glance but different lights and angles reveal their distinctly different coloured finishes.


  1. Glamour Puss Milk Bath

Glamour Puss Milk Bath could be considered white though it does have a slight ivory tone to it. It is a high quality stock with a shimmering metallic finish and a luxuriously smooth feel.

  1. Curious Cryogen White

Curious Cryogen White is probably one of our least ‘white’ whites. This has a yellow/beige tone to it, making it quite close to a cream in colour. This paper and card is also made from a metallic stock, giving it a vibrant metallic shine and a subtle sparkle/glitter effect.


Hopefully this might have helped someone trying to choose a white paper! We do always recommend ordering a sample or swatch before making your paper purchase, just to be sure you love it.

If you have any questions always feel free to get in touch with us at

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